Postblow: Don’t Get Too Excited

Mets 4, Blue Jays 3 (F/11)

Way to end the Jays’ winning streak. Way to do it like a bunch of assholes.

I don’t blame Familia. Collins keeps asking him for 4-out saves. His arm is fuuuucked.

Thor looked spectacular. He rolled with Buehrle and Buehrle has been one of the best for a decade now. Thor and TDA came over from the Jays (for Dickey) and that’s one trade that I can actually give the thumbs-up to.

Everyone’s talking about what a great comeback win it was. Well…uhhh….how bout we score some fucking runs so we don’t have to have a heart attack every damn game? Can we win a game by more than 1 run? Can we win a game in 9 innings?

Props to Cuddy for hustling. We have no team speed (Herrera looks fast! Herrera looks good!) but Cuddy has been known for his grit and it was on display last night. That’s how you manufacture runs. You have to fucking MOVE.

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