Postblow: DINGERS!! Mets’ Healthy Lineup Has Been Juicing

crying native american

Mets 10, Braves 8

Greasy Ceciliani! d’Arnaud! Herrera! Dingers from three dudes who were either injured or in the minors just a week ago. Also, Lagares has been playing hurt for a while, but he labored through it and looks more comfortable at the plate. He’ll need TJ for his throwing arm, though. And he missed a play in deep center. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him beat over the top before.

Gee will never start again as a Met. Book it. If someone in the 5-man rotation gets hurt, they’re gonna give Matz the start.

The Mets took the series. They should’ve swept. Thank the Seven that Familia was back from paternity leave. He got a 4-out save (Freeman in the 8th) and it was relatively smooth sailing. Herrera made a brilliant play. The team is much better with him and TDA back. We have paper thin depth. 

Familia has been spectacular–the MVP of the team so far this season. Yesterday’s abortion of a 9th inning and the laborious, lifeless extra innings that followed showed just how important Familia is. Pay heem. Pay zat man his mah-nee.

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