Postblow: If Only…

Big Sexy was not at his sexiest.
Big Sexy was not at his sexiest.

If only Bartolo had better stuff last night. Then we would’ve…uhhh…scored zero runs and lost.

Zero…fucking…runs. Against the only shitty pitcher on the Cards’ staff, by the way. Stop me if this sounds familiar.

Tim Teufel needs to start sending everybody, always. We need to get insanely aggressive. No runners at 3rd base ever. We have no other choice. I’d rather see them tagged out at the plate than stranded on 3rd. From now on, we steal every time and hit&run every time and that’s it.

Please also note: Matt Cerrone and his crew of bitch lackeys are calling for Terry’s head. Sleep well with your Jew money, Matt, you two-faced F.A.G. I can’t believe the Wilpons and their shills are this dumb. Wait, yes I can. WHAT THE FUCK IS TERRY SUPPOSED TO DO? Should he put Flores or Tejada at shortstop? Oh, wow, the possibilities! I’m not even much of a Terry supporter, really. I just feel bad for him because this whole thing is bullshit. Truth be told, the only real situation I could get fully behind would be if the Mets made me Player/Coach/Owner. That’s the goal.

P.S. The Mets are officially out of 1st place. What a wild ride it was. Wilder than the Dumbo ride at Disney.


P.P.S. Conforto hit a GW dinger in the top of the 9th in St. Lucie…ALL IN FOR 2017!!

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