Post/Pre MiniBlow

Yuck is Philly a gross city. Such a cheap imitation of NYC.

Well, we beattum 2 outta 3. Job (not) well done. Tejada FLASHED SOME LEATHER and is making a biiiiid! Best SS on the teeeeam! Wow, Ruben! Ruby Tuesday! That walk-up music, too! Na dee naaa na, Rubey Rube Tejaaada.

Yuck is Chicago a gross city. Such a cheap imitation of NYC.

It’s our young pitching vs. their young hitting. Good pitching always beats good hitting and vice versa. They’ve got Lester, then Arrieta, then two (2!!) TBDs. That’s why we have to beattum. We have 5 aces. They have TBDs in their rotation. Nuff said. Tonight is deGrom, tomorrow is Thor’s debut, then Harvey, then Niese. Let’s fucking go. This is the biggest series to date. This is the, “We Were Dogshit Last Year But We’ve Come to Play This Year” Bowl.

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