Happy? Recap: Mets Even Up The Tough Series Against the Worst Team in the League

Mets 3, Phils 2
Ooooh, what a tight battle that was! What an display of futility from both teams! Boy, these two teams really want to prove which team has the shittier lineup.

The Mets, who made a habit of sucking chode dick against washed-up Harang last year (while he was with Atlanta), picked up right where they left off last night.

Niese looked great against a lineup that didn’t even feature Utley/Howard. Finally, that era is ending, while the Bryce Harper era has fully ignited in DC. 

The Phils gave up an unearned run. Then the Mets kindly called & raised them by giving up two unearned runs. What a kindhearted gesture.

The Mets made one good swing the entire night: While down 2-1, Lagares hit a two-run dinger and the Mets went on to win 3-2. God knows insurance runs are not part of the Mets’ hitting philosophy. Niese got the win. Familia got the save. Mets got the you-blow-but-they-blow-harder award.

Bryce Harper has 6 dingers in 3 days. Do we have 6 HRs as a team for the whole season? 

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