Has Jeff Wilpon Been Reached for Comment RE: Pedro?

Jef Wilponamd-pedro-unhappy-jpg

First, check out this original post from May 2nd (click me!). 

Yesterday, Pedro reiterated this to Mike Francesca. Wilpon told him, “this is why we paid you,” and forced the injured star onto the field. Jeff and his greedy Jew father made a few thousand bucks extra on tickets that day, and ultimately cost themselves millions by hamstringing their chances at a title in 2006.

Has baby Jeffy been reached for comment? What’s happening here? As far as I’m concerned, Wilpon committed and arrest-able offense (as he frequently does). Can you imagine if you were at the doctor, and the doctor told you to stay home, and your boss said, “no, you have to come in.” That’s some sweatshop shit! #fuckthewilpons #firethewilpons

If you were thinking about buying a ticket to a Mets game, buy Pedro’s book instead.

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