Mets Activate Johnny Monell But Don’t Send Recker Down

"I'm sorry, I was lost in your eyes." -Sandy Alderson
“I’m sorry, I was lost in your eyes.” -Sandy Alderson

Handsome Anthony Recker dodged the guillotine once again. The Mets are bringing up catcher Johnny Monell, but will keep Recker and carry three catchers.

By the way, the Mets didn’t announce who they are sending down. This is likely due to Recker glamouring Collins and Alderson, leaving them flat-footed in their decision. Perhaps he glamoured the commish into allowing htem a 26-man roster.

How else can you explain the Mets keeping Recker up? I want you all to know that he has 1 hit this season. 1!!! And it wasn’t a hit. It wasn’t. Watch the replay. It was an error. I don’t care what the official scorekeeper said. It was an error. He has zero hits.

You could basically send any position player down (save for Lagares and Duda) and I wouldn’t blink.

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