Preblow: deGrom deStopper


The Mets return home–where we are mysteriously 10-0–to face the Nats for 4 games. We’ve lost 2 in a row, and the very foundation of our team is that our pitching is SO GOOD, that we’ll NEVER have a real losing streak. That’s on you tonight, Jacob.

This series is a chance for us to truly prove ourselves. This series is a chance to put real distance between us and the supposed best team in the division (and in all of baseball, as many predicted). This series is also a chance for the Nats to prove that they are who they thought they are, and that we are who they thought we are. We’ll see. We’ve got deGrom and Harvey going against Strasburg and Scherzer, respectively. You can’t ask for better matchups than that.

Also, Montero is dead. 15 day DL? Oh it’s nothing, says the Mets media. Wake the fuck up, people. It’s April, and everyone is dead. We’re on pace to have 70+ injuries this year. We are PLAGUED. We are CURSED. Oh, and I guess we’re on pace for 100+ wins, har har.

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