Happy Recap: I’m Running Out of Brooms

Mets 6, Braves 3

Wow. Wooooow. More strong pitching! More insurance runs! Wow.

Game balls:

Colon, for another quality start, and another sure-to-be-viral act, this time successfully running down and tagging out a base-runner.

Murphy, for a bunch of RBIs. Also a demerit (a blow?) for a mental mistake in the field. The billionth of his career.


Shittifield for being a clear home-field advantage for us. Game balls to everyone who moved the fences in or put something in the grass or did whatever to finally make Shittifield into our home and for the first time not a place where roughly 500 people go to eat food and stare at losers.

It’s onto the Bronx.

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