Preblow: Mets Go for 10 in a Row

Fuck the Braves.

Grandy and Murph get the night off, but Duda stays in the lineup to face the lefty. And it’s a shitty lefty in Eric Doodoo Stults, so how bout a dinger!?

This is the game that we’re “supposed” to lose because Dillon Gee is starting. FUCK THAT! As I’ve said many times, the team tried to push Gee out. Well, now Gee has the opportunity to play his way off the team. The Mets don’t want you. Pitch well and some other team will.

P.S. I guess Grandy’s reward for his big night is getting to sit out? I see that Mayberry has great numbers against Stults, but doesn’t everybody?

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