Wally Backman Could Manage Marlins

W for Wally
W for Wally

After the Pretender Marlins got their shit pushed in by the Contender (?) Mets, manager Mike Redmond (and his counterpart Mike Methodmond) might get fired and replaced by Wally Backman.

Backman, as we all know, is the Mets AAA manager (last year’s Pacific Coast League’s manager of the year), was a part of the ’86 Championship team, and is considered a leading candidate to manage the Mets when the Wilpons decide to scapegoat Terry Collins.

Here’s how this is going to play out: The Mets swept the Marlins. Now, the Marlins are going to bring in Backman and the Marlins are going to topple the injury-riddled Mets and make the playoffs. Terry will be fired and the Wilpons will make no off-season moves to improve the team’s depth because, as the Wilpons will say, “there’s just no way we can get as injured again!”

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