Happy Recap: 6 In A Row

Mets 4. Fins 1.

In the preblow I said that Colon would punch his ticket to the hall of fame 1 RBI at a time. He reads Metsblow. He got one today, to tie the game at 1 and to back his absolutely brilliant pitching performance. Like Gee, he made a mistake to Stanton. But make no mistake, Big Sexy was BRILLIANT tonight. He’s now 3-0, and the Mets improve to 5-0 at Shittifield, a place where we have perennially sucked donkey balls. 

Another hold for Blevins. Another save for Familia. La dee da. Juan Lagares made some gold glove plays. La la la. Another come-from-behind win. Tee hee hee just another day at the office. 

Damn we look good. It’s gonna be tough for the Jewpons to screw this pitching up! 

Congrats to Money Muno $_$ on your first major league hit! 

P.S. I was watching the game with girls (yuck) and they were all jealous of how tan Terry Collins is. 

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