Mejia Suspended 80 Games


Oops! Stanozolol. Lol. Oops.

This probably means our whole team is juicing up. Sheeeiit. Gotta watch out. Every team is. I’m not an anti-steroids guy. Put an asterisk next to Bonds’ record, fine. Put an asterisk next to Babe Ruth’s record, too, for not having to play night games…and not having to play against non-white people. Asterisks for everyone! I’m old! I’m cranky! I don’t like change!

Anyway, everyone who wins is a cheater, or at least a gamer. Thankfully Colon is using blood spinning technology. Mejia should’ve used that, too. We’re deep. We don’t need him. Hopefully Parnell is back soon.

80 game suspension means Mejia will be back for the 2nd half!

P.S. Mejia denied it. Someone must’ve slipped it into his cereal.

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