Now For The Real Test…

Last night, Gary Cohen said, “When you look at the best rotations int he NL, sometimes you can get distracted by the ones that are top heavy. The Dodgers are the prime example. They had Brandon McCarthy going last night. He wouldn’t be in the Mets rotation.”

Of course, this matters less when you have A-Gon Targaryen and Cubano Cubano Cubano Puig.

The Dodgers are all sizzle and no steak? Not quite. But Gary’s point is valid. This weekend is a huge test for the Mets. We supposedly have a complete rotation. We believe Niese and Gee are strong; 13+ game winners each. They are facing the bad-on-paper but in 1st place/undefeated Braves…in Atlanta. Let’s see what the back-end of our rotation can do.

And the other real test: we are facing left-handers now. We gotta wreck them with our lineup. Mayberry, Cuddyer, Wright, d’Arnaud. We gotta. Tonight, we face Eric Stults, a mediocre lefty. Captain America should be licking his chops. Let’s go.

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