TC’s Postgame Presser Was Gold

He's soooo tan.
He’s soooo tan.

Yesterday, after the Mets won, Terry Collins addressed the media. He said that Tolo looked sharp and that our hitting looked like shit, but we’re now a good enough team to take advantage of doodoo fielding. Basically he said that we looked bad but the Nats looked worse.

He spit the unequivocal truth; the Nats ain’t shit.

And we’re no longer so shitty that we can’t take advantage of 4-out innings.

The takeaway from yesterday is that we were given extra outs and we won.

I just like that Terry called both teams out. Pundits (aka people paid by the Jewpons to make TC look bad) say he throws his players under the bus but I don’t think that’s true. I think he cares a LOT. Yes, the starting pitching was stellar, but we’re trying to change our identity at the plate (from dogshit doody hitting to competence) and he’s going to talk about it.

Regardless of what we think we can be at the plate, we should expect a lot of 3-1 games. If it’s in our favor, I’m cool with it.

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