The Mets Play The Nats 4 Times in April…

In 2014, The Mets won only 4 times all season against the Nats (they went 4-15).

People love looking flabbergasted and asking, “Why? WHYYYYYY?” (Nancy Kerrigan voice) when it comes to our performance against the Nationals. People love pointing out that if we kept pace and went 9-10 against them, we would have won 84 games, which would still have been shy of the playoffs but would’ve shown that we’re ready to compete.

Uhhh…newsflash. This wasn’t some weird divisional anomaly. This isn’t an, “oooh they’re in our heads” (re: 2007, 2008 Phillies) kind of thing. There’s no reason to go all Nancy Kerrigan. The reason is fucking simple. The Nationals are a GOOD team. The Mets are a BAD team. They stomped us into the ground because they have great pitching and we can’t hit for shit. Wake the fuck up, Mets fans.

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