Zobrist to Cubs

4 years/56mil. And the Cubs dumped Castro to the Yankees, just so Cashman and Theo could laugh it up together at our expense.

So that was the Mets’ #1 priority? You couldn’t offer a 4 year deal? You can’t let the payroll go over 100mil? 

Don’t be fooled by garbage lies like, “Zobrist wanted to be closer to home” or “Zobrist wanted to be back with his ol’ manager Joe Maddon.” He took the most money. The Mets didn’t offer him shit. 

Yesterday, a rep for Zobrist said, “I honestly have no idea who John Ricco is. I’ve never met him, I’ve never seen him, and quite frankly he sounds made up.” The Post will take that and write, “Zobrist to meet with John Ricco soon.” This’ll be followed by tomorrow’s headline, “Say It Ain’t Zo!” 

Look at Ricco, by the way. He is SO not ready for primetime. 

Today in Mets news: Flores breaks his ankle and our only other option at 2B signs with someone else. Also in Mets news, Ricco says he isn’t shocked but looks SHOCKED. He’s a fuckin deer in headlights. Every photo/video I see from the winter meetings shows his hair amess and his face weary. 

Awesome day for Mets news. It’s a blessing in disguise. It’s like when we didn’t get Gomez. It’s all a setup to get Cespedes hoooooraaaaaay.

Metsblow Nation is in PANIC CITY until we get Cespedes. Does that sound familiar? 

P.S. Dansby Swanson to the Braves. Stud from Vandy (my alma mater). Great haul for them. The Mets couldn’t do better than Shelby Miller?? He’s a very good pitcher but he’s not worth the #1 pick. Jesus, Mets, wake the fuck up. The Braves are making moves right under your big, cheap Jew noses. 

Mets Are Interested in Ben Zobrist

zobrist1Remember him?

The Mets are interested, you guys! Matt Dweebazoid Shill Bitch Cerrone said so on Metsblog! The Mets are interested! SO FUCKING INTERESTED!!

Thank God for our interest. So when we don’t sign anybody and we are a .500 team next season, don’t blame the Jewpons! THEY WERE INTERESTED!!

I love that we’re interested. God damn does it feel good to know that we’re interested. We are interested in a championship. Doesn’t that warm your heart to know? Our interest is peaking. We’re so fucking interested that we can’t contain ourselves.

I am interested in Jennifer Aniston and Megan Fox, by the way. Just letting you guys know that I’m interested.