2nd Half Team Does It Again

Don’t celebrate too hard.
I told my brother, “Howard is about to tie it up. Just bean him.” Oops. Should’ve just beaned him. Then I told my brother that the Phillies’ pen is garbage and that we’ll win. Loney hit a big fat bomb. Later, he was benched for Soup because Terry likes to make the defense worse. Probably should have won by 10 against their awful pen, but we’ll take the clinch.

Lots of crazy possibilities ahead. I think we’ll host Bumgarner. Soup’s gonna get the roster spot over Conforto. Rofflez. And it’s gonna be a tough game. Madbum isn’t gonna let Bochy take him out. We’d need to get to the GIants’ shitty pen. It comes down to Thor, really. It’s great that we won today to sabe Thor. If he can put up zeroes, we have a shot. I ain’t scared of Madbum. I wasn’t scared of Kershaw last year.

The ump today was horrendous. He really wanted to end the season. And that’s fine. He gave a wiiiiiide zone to both sides. Get Yo hot. Give him the day off tomorrow and let him take out today’s personal frustration on Madbum.

Ryan Howard and the Phils also wanted to get this game/season over with. He tagged Colon out on a would-be foul bunt. Just tryna end the season. Fine by me.

So…we’re a 2nd half team? Uhh, no. We got swept by the Braves at home last week. This is all because of the Giants/Cards collapses. They have been SUUUUUUCKING. Don’t celebrate too much. Don’t give Collins any credit. He lost so many games for us this year. It would’ve been nice if he yelled, “PAY YO!” into the camera as he was being showered with champagne. The Mets went to the ship last year. They’re not celebrating too hard. Enjoy it and enjoy the sweet day off tomorrow. Full strength home game coming up. Good to be in that position, I suppose. It could’ve been much worse.

The Mets are in the playoffs and the Yankees are not. Fuck the Yankees. Y’all suck balls. Nice to see Reyes back in the postseason. If not the Mets, I’m rooting for Texas. Go Beltran. Then Cubs, I guess. Cubs = only NL team I can root for. No Yankees is great. Mets have a shot! Door’s open. Gotta pray. One game at a time.