Mexican Salas Too Mexican for Trump America

They took’r jobs!!

Salas can’t legally play with the Mets because of problems with his work Visa. Andelay, Los Mets! Well it’s about time Trump did something right. Let’s ban these Mexicans once and for all, right holmes?

Salas, which sounds like a Mexican dish–some kind of salad salsa, will be playing in the WBC for Team Mexico. Adios, muchacho! 

Apparently, it’ll all be fixed before the season starts. But knowing how lazy Mexicans are, I’m sure Salas will just siesta in his hammock with his sombrero tipped over his eyes and his poncho gently swaying in the breeze rather than applying for a new Visa. Hopefully, the wall will be constructed by the time Salas is set to return and he won’t be allowed in. We can replace him with a red-blooded American who can’t do the job nearly as well and demands higher pay. Vamanos, Los Mets!