History Will Not Repeat Itself Today

7 years ago today, the Mets signed Johan Santana.

Today, the Mets’ owner Jeff Wilpon attempted to sign up for welfare.

Some Mets fans may say, “Well, Johan didn’t get us to the playoffs. So let’s try something different. No big, bloated contracts.” To that I say, “fuck you, fellow Mets fan!” Johan aka Nohan is a fucking beast all-star. Yeah, he got hurt. Yeah, it didn’t entirely work out. But that’s because the Wilpons didn’t put talent around him (Sign Johan, don’t offer Reyes a deal, etc.)

Johan was phenomenal. His signing is not a cautionary tale. Do not let the Mets’ Jew-brass fool you into thinking that the Johan deal is reason never to sign a big time FA again.

Sandy Alderson is talking about how this club can win 10 more games than last year. So that’d be 89 (one less than his 2014 goal). Thanks for the potential 89 wins, Sandy! With that, we’ll just barely miss the playoffs yaaaay! Just barely! Sign a Johan-type player (Tulo?) and win 20 more fucking games. Sheeeeiiiit.