The Mets Have a Gaping Hole Up The Middle

No, not that hole. Although knowing the Wilpons, those are probably pretty gaping as well.

Obvious butt jokes aside, we’ve been talking about the lack of lineup depth ad nauseam. Well, look at us now! Thanks to Murph’s injury, we’re totally fucked once again.

Yesterday, I was watching a “Mets Classic” broadcast from 2010. Tejada was our starting shortstop that day. That means we’re coming up on six years of watching Ruben┬áTejada make routine┬ástarts. Tejada has been our best middle infield option. This should silence any talk about the Mets not playing well, or about Terry Collins not managing well. Tejada six years strong as a starter says it all about our front office and where the blame should reside.

So why not bring up Matt Reynolds? They say they don’t want to bring him up for only a cup of coffee. You know, because Murphy’s only day to day! He’ll be back tomorrow! So what about Money Muno? He’s had a strong Spring.

All I know is that we are officially one week away from being back! And that’s extraordinarily exciting, as it always is. It is glorious. But we have been dealing with the same problem for the better part of a decade now. That’s on the front office. That’s on ownership. Never let the sponsored media spin it any other way. Garbage dogshit ownership. Metsblow.