Gamesmanship: The Culture Change In Queens

He gets it.
He gets it.

Yesterday, despite the loss, Ron Darling praised Michael Cuddyer for running into Andrelton Simmons. Simmons, the douche that he is, ran over d’Arnaud at the plate. He should have been ejected. He wasn’t due to obvious anti-Mets bias.

Later, Cuddyer was trying to break up a double play and used a “take-out slide” on Simmons, who plays SS. Revenge. Beautiful.

5 years later, and we still haven’t murdered Matt Cain for beaning David Wright. Why not? Because the Mets have been faggy pussies forever. The reason the citizens of Ferguson rioted is because they WILL NOT ALLOW the police to murder them with impunity. The Mets cannot allow this, either.

The ’86 Mets got it. They were gritty as fuck. They played mean and nasty, and that’s the only way to play. They refused to be pushed around. I want to see Matt Harvey throwing high and tight. He’s the leader of this culture-change-movement and I salute him. You have to stick up for your teammates.

I greatly appreciate Cuddyer making that take-out slide. Murph is also a gamer and I love it. Keith and Ron have been preaching this for years, questioning why the Mets don’t fight harder for their own. It was great to see them fighting last night. It’s great to see that they care about winning and that they take care of their own.