Eric Campbell Blows

"I didn't know there was dogshit in this soup!"
“I didn’t know there was dogshit in this soup!”

Eric Campbell is such dogshit. He must make a quick run to the bookie right before they call him up from Vegas. He bets that he’ll have a great first game, wins the bet, and then gets out every single AB after that.

This is on Sandy and the Jewpons. It’s their fault. When your LYNCHPIN, ROCK, CAPTAIN, STAR, FRANCHISE player gets injured, you don’t fucking replace him with a career minor leaguer. That isn’t the way it works. And this is NOT the same as when Murph got hurt and they brought up Herrera. Herrera is a 21 year old kid and the Mets think he’s a major piece in their future. That’s way different than, “holy shit our best player got injured and we DON’T HAVE A REPLACEMENT.”

The Mets decided not to get a backup at 3B. The position where the starter hasn’t played a full season in half a decade. David Wright getting injured was the lock of locks. Metsblow. Fuck the Wilpons.