Just When You Thought Yesterday Was Bad!

Soooo the Mother’s Day game (fake holiday) was the worst game of the year. No question. NO QUESTION. 

Until today. Today was worse. 

Before coming to bat in the 8th, I liked how SNY showed highlights of Goldschmidt teeing the fuck off on Robles. He then proceeded to tee the fuck off on Robles. But wait! It gets overturned and it’s just a double. Finally, a lucky break! Well now we gotta face Lamb. And he hit a dinger last time up. We’ll pretend it’s because 1st base is open and IBB him. Now Tomas. Who the Mets should have signed. And he TEES the fuck off. Oh and then there were like 4 more home runs. Off of multiple relievers. They all fucking blow. Highest ERA in baseball! Terry blew em all out by mid-May. 

I still can’t fucking believe deGrom got pulled on Sunday. I guess it’s over and they’re saving him for next year. It’s alllll over people. Pray for Yo Rising.