Happy Recap: Mets Win, Baltimore Riots

Mets 5, Orioles 1

Holy shit there, B-more, calm down. I know you got swept by the Mets but do you really need to riot over that? Oh, did something else happen? Hmm, what? No, I don’t watch the news, I just take the government’s word for things…

The Mets came alive with the long ball a little bit. Grandy hit one–at this rate he’ll catch Nelson Cruz (who we decided wasn’t a good fit for us) in no time! Herrera hit one–Murphy will probably be traded soon. Oh, wait, no, they’ll just let him walk and get nothing for him. The Mets actually managed to score runs in multiple innings! WOW! I didn’t know they could do that.

deGrom was deBest again, striking out 9 and only allowing 1 run inĀ 7 innings. He used his off-speed pitches more, including one that struck out Crash Davis with the bases loaded, ending the 5th inning threat.

With 3 outs to go in a non-save situation, Collins brought in Bighat. I liked the move. Then, after an innocuous first two batters (an infield single on a hard hit ball that Murph knocked down and a fielder’s choice that got the lead runner), Collins yanked Bighat and brought in Familia, still in a non-save situation. WHY!? “Blow out all their arms!” -The leprechaun on Collins’s shoulder. I guess we have a day off but jeeez, Terry.

Our pitching is SO GOOD. It’d be such a fucking shame to waste it. It’s so heartbreaking when we lose games 1-0, which happens way too often. We really should have 20 wins already.

The Mets announced that Wright will likely be back on May 15, but they didn’t mention which year.

Also, I want to point out something I’ve been saying for a week: Duda is great. He’s not on the chopping block, duhhh. He’s the furthest position player from it. But the Mets haven’t scored in forever and Duda is a part of that. His avg is under .300 now. He didn’t do shit at Yankee Stadium (where sweet, little old ladies go to hit dingers), and he really hasn’t hit since the win streak ended. It could be related to a lack of D-Wright and talent in the lineup around him.

Home Runs Hit Today by Non-Mets: Justin Turner, Marlon Byrd…just to name a a couple.

Well, hey, nice lil interleague series there against a good team with a good lineup (though they lost Cruz). Now it’s off to Philly, where we MUST continue to assert ourselves. Gotta take at least 2 outta 3.