Mets Win a Game in Atlanta and Act Like They Accomplished Something

Oooh a regular season win? Yeah you’ve really overcome so much.
You won a game…against the worst team in the league. La dee freakin’ da. Everyone is praising their resiliency. Everyone is ecstatic that the ship has been righted.

Ummmm, the ship will not be righted until Ray Ramirez is thrown overboard. And the Jewpons, too. What kind of videotape do you think Ray has on Baby Jeffy? Is it him calling someone, “niggerfaggotcunt?” Is it him raping a male toddler? Is it him in Carcosa ceremoniously sacrificing virgins? How the fuck else can you possibly explain Ray Ramirez still on this team?!

The Mets have NEVER–not for 1 day–had all 5 of their young guns active at the same time. But why pay Tolo?! Retards. The reason Tolo stayed healthy was because he’s a vet with his own doctors. At least there’s no more Turner Field. At least Reyes is getting it going. He’s likely to get hurt next. 

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