Let’s All Celebrate Being in 4th for the Wildcard

What the FUCK is wrong with you? I understand why Jew ass media has to spin it. Meaningful September baseball!!! But the fans? The supposedly unbiased folk? Fuck y’all. We jumped the MARLINS in the wildcard race. That doesn’t mean shit. Shut the fuck up. 

We’re hitting dingers, but we’re still living and dying off of that. Nothing has changed. We’re barely a .500 team. Thankfully, with the exception of the Nats, our schedule is baby butt soft. We might squeak in. 

Matz is dead. Walker is dead. What does it even matter?

You’ve gotta love the spin zone hot take that the paid media is using: September baseball is exciting!! Thanks, thrill-seeking whores, but I’d rather be a 100 win team guaranteed to make the postseason instead. Dipshits.

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