Too Easy to Write

I can’t believe that when the Mets signed Yo, I thought it’d be tough to write these articles. I actually thought the Mets didn’t blow. This shit is TOO EASY to write. We are the worst team in the league. Matt Butthole Cerrone is writing about how we’re only a couple of games out of the 2nd WC derrrrp. Wake the fuck up you retarded sycophantic bloggers! We don’t deserve shit! Mets fucking bloooow. The offseason is coming. Say bye to Yo. Say bye to playoff baseball for a while. Or, pray. Let us pray. The best prayer we have goin right now is to get healthy and also that the other teams blow even harder. But nobody blows harder than the Mets. I’ve never seen baseball quite like this. I’ve never seen let downs quite like this.

One thought on “Too Easy to Write

  1. You must be very young if you’ve never seen let downs like this. How did the Mets do after 1986? How did the Mets do after 2000? (Ans. 3rd place in the NL East). How did the Mets do after 2006? (Ans. Oh don’t get me started!). Let downs R Us. Mets blow.

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