Pray the Hardest

No, it’s not a Chinese team saying, “work hard, pray hard!” I’m talking about actual prayer. Pray to the Old Gods and the New. Cespedes (wrist) and Syndergaard (elbow!!) both left today’s game (we won…pyrrhic…horrible). Without them, I think we might be 20-60 at this point. Yes, we are about halfway. Yes, we must pray. 

I fear that without Daniel Murphy, our prayers might not be heard. Pray extra hard. Pray the hardest. 

Game ball to Dru. Some good D and a dinger. Also a ball and a blessing to Reynaldo, who hit his first ever dinger for what would prove to be the game-winner. Up next is the dreaded, merciless Braves in haunted Turner field. Should be about 20 people in the stands. And the ghosts of all our failures and even last week’s debacle at Shitti will loom there, too. 

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