’86 Mets, Meet the ’16 Mets

Taking 2 of 3 in WSH was nice. I forgot something: our hitting doesn’t need to be the best in the league. It is our pitching that will carry us. Our hitting being excellent would be an A++ perk, but if it is good to very good, we have a shot at the title. 

We honor the ’86 Mets this weekend. I hope they tell our boys what’s good. It’s all about grit. Maybe don’t emulate the rampant drug use, but otherwise you want to be like this team. No friends. No bullshit. Unite under the goal: championship over all.

I love the clubhouse chemistry (horses and all). I don’t always love the performance (Terry, David…) but the chemistry is there. Now we just need the ’86 GRIIIIIIIT.

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