Rocky Start

Why is everyone throwing all these lame ass excuses around? Oh, Harvey pitched like shit because it’s Colorado? Oooook, so why didn’t we hit, then? Kershaw hangover? 

Reality check: Harvey can’t get through five without being shelled. Some bad OF defense didn’t help his cause, but both teams played shitty OF-D (so many balls under gloves…was it the wind?) so it evened out. He got shelled, end of story.

Reality check: This lineup is in a slump a duuuump.

If we take the next two, it’s a successful road trip. But that’s a big if. Like I said at the outset, this was a ridiculous piece of our schedule. No days off and long flights and whatnot. But get tough, now. The Rockies aren’t good. Where are our bats? 

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