Dingers! Dingers!

A wink that says, “That would’ve been out at Shitti, too.”

Mets 11, Phils 1

Wow. Somebody put an asterisk next to all of J-Roll’s stats because this stadium is a JOKE.

Great to see dinger after dinger. We all love slow-pitch softball. I’m not concerned or anything. I’m just saying at some point we’ll have to prove we can play sound offense because we don’t get to play in this tiny, shitty stadium (re: city) every day.

Verrett making a bid to be a part of this staff. Obviously, he’s established himself as the long man (until Wheeler comes back and Colon likely takes that role). deGrom is set to start on Sunday.

Quietly–and with dignity–the Mets’ infield has done exactly what we hoped. It’s still early, but they are making routine plays and it is fascinating. The supposedly “not so good at defense” boys are soooo much better than the “born to DH” combo of Flores/Murph. 

Lagares made an unbelievable catch to rob a dinger. How’s his arm? Pretty sure newly christened mop up man Montero was in at the time. 

Let’s sweep this shitty–but not as shitty as last year–team.  

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