Sandy Alderson Has Cancer

Why oh why couldn’t it be Jeff Wilpon, instead?

In all seriousness, let’s hope Sandy gets better. Apparently, it’s treatable, so that’s good. Get well, get well soon, we want you to get well.

This has been the only news to report in a while, unfortunately. Sandy, if you need a temp-GM to fill in for you, here I am. I’ll get Cespedes for ya. I know how badly you want the guy that single-handedly transformed the team from mediocre to NL champs. Oh, y’all don’t want him? Y’all wanna stay mediocre? OK, well then don’t hire me. I still hope you get better…and get Cespedes. 

P.S. I’ll bet the Wilpons aren’t forking over a penny for Sandy’s treatment. Health insurance?? Naaaaah. 

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