A Long, Sloppy, Jittery Game 1

Royals 5, Mets 4 (F/14)

I think the Mets forgot that they could lose.

Well, the jitters are out of the way (for both teams). Harvey’s not gonna blow a lead again. Familia’s not gonna blow a save again. Wright’s not gonna make an error again. Neither will Hosmer. Neither will Cespedes. Welcome to the World Series, David!

A sloppy, SLOPPY game 1. Metsblow. Granderson remains our best all-around player, hitting a dinger and making a game-saving catch in right. But we all looked DEAD after Familia blew the save. We put it in the books once Familia was in. Even Mo wasn’t perfect. It’s still a helluva first postseason for Fam. I said it before yesterday’s game and you’re god damn right I’ll say it again: Get it to Familia. The plan hasn’t changed. Hell, it’d be nice if deGrom mows em the fuck down and we win 10-0, but just get the lead and hold it and get it to Familia. That’s our winning formula and I have total faith in him. Pray.

We ain’t soft. The Cubs series was nice but we ain’t soft. The Dodgers series was brutal and gritty and we took it. Time to get tough again. Nobody I’d rather have on the mound than deGrom. 

Final note: Chris Young was not cast off from the Mets because he sucked. That was Chris Capuano. Chris “Cy” Young was just frail as shit. He murdered us last night. I’ve never seen so many swings-and-misses at balls in the dirt. Having said that, wasn’t he supposed to be their game 4 starter? I think the long battle last night has left the Royals in a bit of a hole. We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “A Long, Sloppy, Jittery Game 1

  1. Joe Enright says:

    Great post! Agree with all. Just would like to add that Cadaver needs to sit and Lagares needs to be in CF with Conforto as DH. Period.

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