Tip Your Cap

Dodgers 3, Mets 1

Tip your cap. They cheated to win game 2. Not this time. Kershaw dealt. 

Matz pitched well. Kershaw got a hit. Then, a groundout that mighty oak tree Flores couldn’t get to and a pop up that fell in. Of course, the “player not good enough for the Mets” Justin Turner with the only hard hit off Matz. Cespedes bobbled one, too. Matz pitched very well. It’s not on him.

It’s not on any one hitter, either. We didn’t do shit. Murph didn’t get it done when he had to keep the train going for Cespedes in the 8th, but he also hit a dinger, so it’s not on Murph. 

deGrom for game 5. I like our chances. I’ll take him against anyone, anywhere. Move Wright down in the order against the righty. Conforto cleanup. I’d do:

Grandy, Murph, Cespedes, Conforto, Duda, d’Arnaud, Wright, Flores, deGrom

Let’s. Fucking. Go. Thursday at 8:07. I’m just gonna sit in a dark room until then and count the minutes. 

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