Mets Somehow Win 82nd Game

Mets 10, Braves 7 (F/10)

Man, what a stinker! The Mets made about 10 errors–only 2 of which counted because the official scorer in Atlanta was drunk–and still won. They didn’t even start Cespedes. They started Kirk for fucks sake. No Wright or TDA, either. This was a straight up OFF DAY for the Mets and they still won.

The Braves are the biggest losers on the beach. They got sun burnt and have sand in their buns. What losers. What an embarrassment. 26 outs in and 3 runs up and they couldn’t close it out.

Conforto dinger. And his D is better than all the scouts thought. He’s the 2nd best player on the team. He’s great.

Murph will not be in the team next year. He is clutch, though. Ya gotta give him that.

82 wins. Whoopdee-shit. We’re officially not losers this year. Had we gotten the Cubano in the offseason like I begged, we’d be at 100 already. Anyway, we got him (more than halfway through the season) and we’re fucking rolling. Let’s try and get that 2 seed and get the extra home game against the Dodgers. Go go go don’t blow blow blow.

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