1969 World Series Rematch


I can’t believe it. An enjoyable lineup. A healthy Duda. Is that for real? And no more Parnell? He was placed on the DL with a case of blows-at-pitching.

Flores at SS and Murph at 3B is pretty shitty. Jelly is our best 2B hands down. At least at 3rd base, Murph won’t throw to 3rd base…then again, you never know what he’ll do.

2 games. deGrom and Thor will try their luck against Crash Davis. Cespedes will be in a baby AL park again. By the way, before Cespedes’ oppo blast at Shitti, when was the last oppo blast? Was it Wright? Beltran? Cespedes really embarrasses our team of wimps.

Can we win on the road? So far, no. We blow.

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