Mets Lose; Parnell Blows

"I love blowing it." -Bobby P
“I love blowing it.” -Bobby P

Pirates 3, Mets 2 (F/10)

Parnell blows. I don’t really want to get into it. His ERA on the night was infinity (not an exaggeration). Where’s Black? Where’s Montero? Where’s Blevins? ALLLLLL DEEEEEAAAADD. Colon pitched very well. Cespedes went 3-5 with a dinger and a double. Don’t ever put Parnell in during a tight situation. REMINDER TO METSBLOW NATION: He’s always been bad. He used to throw 100mph and be bad. Now he throws 93 and is worse. He was mediocre at best a few years ago. Familia (and Mejia) are bar none the best we’ve ever had at closer. Franco, Benitez, Parnell…give me a break. Orosco’s glove is cursing out Parnell from the space station that it landed on.

Where’s Duda? Also dead. By the way, Ike Davis is tearing it the fuck up in Oakland. Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather have an alive Duda, but he ain’t alive.

Today is the biggest game of the season. We’re currently 0-11 against the Cubs and Pirates. Uhhhhh…kinda gotta beat those teams.

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