Postblow/Preblow: Mets Are Down to .500

Brewers 3, Mets 2

6 losses in a row.

8 dogshit seasons in a row.

9 rookies on the team.

1 little baby bitch owner.

We made an error, an unearned run came in, and THAT’S THE GAME. Did the Mets have a hit after the 4th inning?

The Mets are at .500 again. They score less runs than the Phillies. I think we will finish above them in the standings, but don’t be surprised if the Mets finish in 4th.

Preblow: Tolo goes tonight. Whatever. Who cares? The Mets are 3-17 in their last 20 road games.

This is the worst season I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen a team do less with more. I’ve never seen a starting rotation this good, and that’s what makes it all the worse.

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