[SERIES PREBLOW] Alderson Claims We’re Healthy; A Fun Drinking Game

Well, according to Sandy, TDA, Herrera, and Parnell will all be back on Wednesday.

Alderson to Mets Fans: Don’t Worry, Your Stars (Except Wright and Murph) Will Be Back In Time To Get Swept by the Giants.

Thanks, Sandy! I can’t wait to see them in the lineup. It’ll be great that they can join the team just in time to get rocked by SF.

Do the Giants even have good hitting!? No!! In fact, they’re comparable to the Mets. So how do they win so many more games championships? How do they score so many more runs? It’s called FUNDIES! Oh, Keith, we love you. Fundies, fundies, fundies!

Play a drinking game this series. The categories are: Sac bunts, sac flies, productive outs, stolen bases, sliding without getting injured, hit & run, hitting behind the runner,  Every time the Giants offense does one of these, drink. Every time the Mets offense fails to do one of these, drink. Play this drinking game and see your liver destroyed by Thursday. Metsblow.

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