Postblow: We Are Garbage

Marlins 9, Mets 5

Wilmer Flores error and Niese can’t stop the bleeding? Hmm. I can literally copy&paste the postblow of any Niese start this season.

And as for all the “bring up Matz” talk, to that I say: yeah bring up Matz so HE can get the dogshit offense and lack of run support hooray! I guess we scored 5 runs today, which is more than double our quota. Now our pitching sucks, too, hooray!

Get used to seeing Ruben Tejada a LOT at 3rd. He’s the best option we have out there by far. It hurts to type it, but it’s true. With his 3-run double today, he’s secured his spot until Wright comes back, and we all know that’s never happening. We can’t even bunt. It’s the damn National League, boys. 

We are terrible. Metsblow.

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