Postblow: Put The Season To Bed

Cover the field and let's turn this place into a parking lot.
Cover the field and let’s turn this place into a parking lot.

Brewers 7, Mets 0

Put the season to bed. It’s all over people! We don’t have a prayer!

Guys, we made it to Mid-May. Not bad. Close to the Wilpons’ ultimate goal of meaningful games in September.

How many games have we won when our SP didn’t have a quality start? I think zero. I’m not joking. It’s zero.

Kyle Losche has let up at least 1 dinger in all of his starts this season. Oooooh what a perfect opportunity for him to break that streak. Shittifield: Where opposing over-the-hill pitchers come for their renaissance.

It’s just not fair. Colon was doing his thing, Flores makes an error, and boom it’s 3-0. Stop me if this sounds familiar. Grandy misplays a ball, and boom it’s 5-0. And you KNOW it’s over. Completely lifeless. It’s just not fair to our pitching. The game is over before it starts. We have the best pitching in the league and our team can win 90 games but it has NO OFFENSIVE DEPTH. Wright and d’Arnaud gone means we go from 90 wins to 70 wins.

Considering tonight, a move has to be made. Wipe the entire farm system for Correa. Just do it. Franchise player. Do it.

P.S. Herrera to the DL!! The thing is, the Mets should be accounting for this. Most teams can’t assume that you’ll lead the league in injuries. The Mets can, though, because they always do. They have the worst medical staff in the league thanks to the Jewpons and they have no idea how to condition. Bring out the tarp, cover the field, and put the season to bed. Metsblow.

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