Non-Howie Radio is Dogshit

Let’s go Mets, F-A-N doo da dow!! 

Never again 😦

…Maybe again? New owners and back to WFAN?! Dare to dream…

I had to listen to part of last night’s game on the radio. Howie Rose is great. Tremendous. I don’t know who the other guys are, but they are total dogshit. 

Thanks, Wilpons, for Jewing out of 660! Fuck you, you cheap Jew fucks. It seems like they’re trying to force out Howie, too. I’m sure Howie loves his job, but he must hate this new regime and these dog-doo guys they’ve put him next to. I don’t know their names and I don’t want to know. They’re Michael Kay bad.

While listening to the radio, the following things were just said by non-Howie radio bitch:
1) That was a loooong half inning. That’s actually the Mets’ best hope right now–that Arrieta’s arm is cold.
2) Granderson draws another walk. His third of the night…no wait, ball 3. …And here comes the payoff pitch. And it’s outside…but he swung! Strike 3. 
Also, re #1: Arrieta then completed a 9 pitch inning. Good he thing he cooled off while the Cubs batted around!! No, I’m not joking, he actually said the Mets were wise to let 10 Cubs come to the plate in an inning. 
Also, the radio guy’s grammar is piss poor. I tried writing as poorly as he speaks, but I can’t properly capture his bastardization of the English language. Radio Metsblow.

P.S. How’s Rush Limbaugh? Say hi and tell him he’s a big fat barely-in-the-closet faggot rapist homophobe for me, thanks! 

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