Blow of the Union: The Streak

We're going streaking!!
We’re going streaking!! Bring your green hat, and your Mets hat.

We’re streaking like my underpants after taco night.

Our talent is showing (because we’re naked). Flores has been pretty good. Prettaaaay, prettaaay good. TC said he was clutch and then he went out and hit a late-inning, game-tying dinger. Meanwhile, I think Dillon “cut from the rotation” Gee went out and proved once again that he’d be a #3 on a lot of teams. I think he’s getting healthy again.

What’s wrong with Murph? I think he missed Spring Training and was forced back early since they didn’t want Tejada playing opening day or at all. I think by the end of May, he’ll be fine. April is his ST. He’s too good a hitter. Can you get METS 5 years in? It’s usually contracted early.

The concern: We didn’t hit that crumb-bum Stultz much. A guy like Teheran (pitching today against Big Sexy) can really mow us down. Our hitting simply isn’t all the way there. Like I’ve said, we’re going to see a lot of 3-2 and 2-1 and 1-0 scores and things like that. The victories stem from our rotation out-gaming the opposing pitcher.

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