Money Muno Batting Fif?

Today, Danny “Money” Muno is batting fif! 1 2 3 4 fiiiif!!

Wow, now that’s lack of depth in action. He’s only called up because of injury. He’s not even on the baseball prospectus list. He’s not on anyone’s radar. He’s immediately slotted fif.

Yeah, things’ll be reeeaaaallly different this year :-/

P.S. This isn’t a real strategy. This isn’t how baseball works. You don’t lose a player to injury and then just bring a no-name guy up from AAA. If someone is slated to come up–someone like Matz–and there is an injury to his counterpart, then yeah, that’d be an appropriate call-up. But this is just nonsense. This is just a total and complete void in our middle infield. They’re just throwing darts blindfolded. Our SS problem has been going on for half a decade now. No worries! We’ll just keep bringing up minor leaguers, ruin the major league lineup, and shatter their confidence to ruin future lineups as well.

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