Wilpons Give Hush Money to Leigh Castergine

The Mets and Leigh Castergine have resolved their lawsuit. The two sides did not disclose the terms of the settlement.

As you all remember, Castergine was fired by the Mets as senior vice president of marketing and ticket sales because the team’s ownership objected to her becoming pregnant out of wedlock.

The media really shut this one down. It’s not surprising that some New York Jews have such a stranglehold on mainstream media, but dammit I really thought this one would do more damage. Donald Sterling got ousted for racism. I thought maybe the Wilpons would get ousted for sexism.

How much hush money do you think she got? This one really got swept under the rug. When you consider how PC everyone is these days, I’m amazed at how quietly this issue went away. I assume her little bastard has a totally kickass crib, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Little David Snow may never have to work a day in his life thanks to the “generosity” of the Wilpons. And yes, I am assuming his name is David because David Wright rawdawgs all the chicks that work for the Mets and they all fall in love with him and name their bastards for him.

P.S. How fucking great would it be to get hush monies? Is it the American dream? Don’t worry, I have a duty to expose any and everything related to getting the Wilpons fired, but if it was like…uhhh…the owner for some other team or other sport or just some celebrity or something? Oh, yeah. Hush monies all the way.

P.P.S. The level of chicanery that Jeff Wilpon has never ceases to amaze me. He claims he fired her because of declining ticket sales. Uhhh, yeah, Jeff. Ticket sales declined because of your SVP of ticket sales. Totally. Not because of the baseball team being absolute dogshit? Gotcha, Jeff. I know a guy that tripped on mushrooms and acid for two years straight in the dessert (Burning Man or some shit). In between his ramblings about space coyotes, he once said, “man, Jeff Wilpon is really delusional.”

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